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Legally Blind Woman Sees With VISOR-like Device
23 HRS AGO - Geordi La Forge would be proud. Yvonne Felix, a legally blind San Franciscan, can see, and quite Expand
Star Trek Deep Space Nine: The Complete Series Review
1 DAY AGO - The Star Trek Deep Space Nine: The Complete Series DVD set is a re-release of the Star Trek: Deep Expand
The Stars of TNG: Then And Now [PHOTOS]
1 DAY AGO - Star Trek: The Next Generation hit the syndicated television airwaves back in September of 1987 Expand
Deep Space Nine doc “What We Left Behind” Surpasses Fundraising Goal, Moves Into Stretch Goals
2 DAYS AGO - The new DS9 doc "What We Left Behind" just keeps getting better, thanks to a growing crowd-funded Expand
Shatner Is Not Your Father!
2 DAYS AGO - A federal judge has dismissed a paternity case from a man claiming to be the son of William Expand
Mission Set for Operation Enterprise Roller Coaster
3 DAYS AGO - Guests at Movie Park Germany in 2017 can look forward to exploring the galaxy on Europe’s Expand
Ten Things I Learned About Leonard Nimoy From ‘For the Love of Spock’
3 DAYS AGO - To commemorate Star Trek‘s golden anniversary and Leonard Nimoy’s passing, last year Expand
When the Sun Disappears
3 DAYS AGO - Any planet that has at least one moon is potentially subject to experiencing eclipses. What form Expand
REVIEW: Star Trek Enterprise – The Complete Series Blu-ray
4 DAYS AGO - A well executed repackaging of the single-season sets that offers a tremendous amount of content Expand
TNG S6: "Schisms" Blu-ray Screencaps
1 DAY AGO - When various members of the Enterprise crew, including Commander Riker, appear to be randomly Expand
Star Trek: Voyager Collection Soundtrack Listing
1 DAY AGO - For fans waiting for the Star Trek: Voyager Collection from La-La Land, the soundtrack listing is Expand
Koenig, Masterson & More Lend Voices to STO's Artifacts
1 DAY AGO - In order to celebrate the 50th Anniversary of Star Trek: The Original Series, the Star Trek Online Expand
Star Trek: Operation Enterprise Roller Coaster
2 DAYS AGO - A new triple-launch roller coaster set to open in the spring at Movie Park Germany will be of Expand
"Space Seed" Debuted on Feb. 16, 1967
2 DAYS AGO - The reality is this: Star Trek might not be what it is today and might not have ever celebrated Expand
La-La Land VOYAGER Soundtrack Listing Revealed!
3 DAYS AGO - A few weeks ago, La-La Land Records finally announced their long-awaited Star Trek: Voyager Expand
COMIC REVIEW – Star Trek: Boldly Go #5
3 DAYS AGO - Jaylah takes center stage as Mike Johnson reveals her background, how she came to be on Altamid, Expand
Star Trek 101: Seven of Nine
3 DAYS AGO - Star Trek 101 debuted in October 2016 -- and the latest regular column serves two Expand
6 Things You Should Know About Simon Pegg
4 DAYS AGO - Happy birthday and happy Valentine's Day to Star Trek's current Scotty, Simon Pegg, who has so far Expand
Star Trek: Bridge Crew Delayed Again; TOS Enterprise Being Added
1 DAY AGO - Star Trek’s virtual reality debut will have to wait a couple of months longer, as developers put Expand
FIRST LOOK: Treknology Explores The Science of Trek
1 DAY AGO - Treknology: The Science of Star Trek from Tricorders to Warp Drive is set to beam on to Expand
Shirts and Skins in TOS
1 DAY AGO - Many fans of Star Trek: The Original Series are interested in the details of things that are seen Expand
Charity Raffle Features Art By Trek Actors
2 DAYS AGO - Simon Pegg and Benedict Cumberbatch are included in the “over seventy stars from film, TV, Expand
Meet StarTrek Comic Artist Megan Levens
2 DAYS AGO - The illustrator worked on Star Trek: Waypoint #3 and is filling in for Tony Shasteen on two-issue Expand
Upper Pylon 2 – 4 x 15: Sons of Mogh
3 DAYS AGO - This week the UP2 crew discuss the glorious return of T […]
Shatner Tweets For Autistic Child
3 DAYS AGO - William Shatner was among the many people who tried to help a father get something special for his Expand
TrekCore says: Sorry the boards are down - we are working on it!
4 DAYS AGO - Sorry the boards are down - we are working on it!
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